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Free Training:
How to Measure Developer Productivity Using the SPACE Framework

Learn all about how to implement developer metrics that will actually improve your team's productivity using holistic metrics with the SPACE Framework.

It's 2024 - you're hiring budget has been cut and your goals have doubled. How are you supposed to do more with less?


Rachel will discuss how you can use holistic engineering metrics to not only improve developer productivity, but also make your team happier and more motivated.


If you're only using DORA metrics, measuring lines of code per developer, or not measuring at all and want your teams to deliver faster, this training is for you.


We'll discuss the SPACE framework, how you can implement it, and why you should consider using this framework to make your teams more efficient.

This training includes:

  • Actionable & pragmatic steps you can use to implement better metrics​


Things you'll Learn:

1. Why holistic measuring matters

2. What the SPACE Framework is

3. How to start (in a pragmatic way) with 4 steps


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Training By:
Rachel Magasweran
Scale-Up Workshops

Rachel Magasweran is the founder of Scale-Up Workshops. She helps tech teams scale by facilitating workshops, implementing holistic metrics, and improving developer productivity through her “Scale-Up A³ Framework”. She specializes in helping teams define strategy, roadmaps, ways of working, and improve productivity and collaboration as they grow. She has 13+ years of experience in tech, technical program management and process improvement.

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