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How to Start a New Project

Here are two ways to start a new project - one will suck your life away and one will feel a bit better. There's one step at the top that makes the whole flow completely change. Interesting enough, they both result in a final product just with a few more bumps and delays on one side. Which one do you think?

I've experienced both scenarios and they both result in a final product, but when you start a project out right with the right voices in the room, the time to build out a super quick POC, and estimates that actually make sense, and a team that has involved engineering from the start, the whole thing flows better.

  • The risk is lower.

  • The deadlines actually happen.

  • The team can focus on the most important work.

  • The project scope makes sense.

  • The team knows the "why" since they were close to the business case.

  • They can easily negotiate the scope of the product if the deadline is at risk.

  • The project launches on time.

But still many companies build the business case & deadlines without engineering in the room or the core team isn't able to build the solution out. They are given the project with deadlines defined and scope is not negotiable.

Which option do you like best?

Option 1 & 2 Workflows for a Project

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