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6 Tips to Increase Efficiency in a Tech Team

Here are my 6 Tips to increase efficiency in a Tech Team - that don't require a full change management process change or a cultural overhaul.

Have you hit 150+ employees in a tech company, and now you’re scaling with the same processes you used for the 5 person start-up?

Here’s my 6 tips on scaling-up your processes with simple changes and frameworks that are easy for tech start-ups to take on (without creating processes fit for a big corporation either).

These are 6 things I actually implement when coming in as a Technical Program Manager where we look at processes in a tech start-up that aren't massive changes. No, these are not from ChatGPT!

These are some of the changes I've seen to try to increase productivity or align teams before:

❌ Implementing by-the-box Agile to fix it all doesn't work

❌ Implementing whatever process the CTO used before doesn't usually do the trick at a new company

❌ That 100 page document on how to do everything won't be adopted.

💚 All of these changes are super manageable for maximum impact even from day 1, without being overcomplicated. Especially for a company that is ingrained in the way they work today and maybe not ready for change. (and note: These can be implemented at bigger companies too of course, I've seen ones in the thousands that have the same issues.)

Download the free PDF here:

6 Tips to Scale Your Processes in a Tech Company
Download PDF • 443KB

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