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Guiding Scaling Start-Ups to Efficient Growth Through Realistic Roadmaps and Insightful Workshops.


Hi, I'm Rachel

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I've worked in tech for 10+ years designing solutions, leading technical projects & programs, designing systems and processes, and helping teams achieve more as they grow. I worked at 3 start-ups as they achieved unicorn status and started their scale-up journeys. Most recently I worked as the Director of Technical Program Management where I created a new TPM team and supported our organization to scale.

What did I learn?
1. Growing can make it hard to continue to work efficiently and continue to produce amazing features unless you have the right strategies to push past it  - and more meetings aren't helping that situation!

2. Many start-ups don't know how to build a realistic roadmap that's achievable for their size. They end up focused on too many projects and aren't able to achieve their biggest bets.

Now, I'm a freelance workshop facilitator helping start-ups in their scale-up journey. I help companies build *realistic* product roadmaps, assess their tech teams to improve efficiency and operations, and help teams find ways to make decisions faster.

If you're a start-up looking to scale and want to accelerate that path, reach out for a free consultation today!

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What I Offer

Workshop Facilitation

I provide workshop facilitation services to help teams work collaboratively and achieve their goals. My workshops are tailored to meet the unique needs of each company. I specialize in custom workshops for start-ups in the scaling phase to: make decisions, build realistic roadmaps, and iterate faster.

Scaling Support

I work with start-up leadership to create a well functioning system that works for their team. As startups scale, they need to change and implement ways of working that fit with their teams.

If your team is scaling and needs to create an operating model that works, reach out for a free assessment of what you can do today!


A few days in a workshop can do wonders for team building, decision making, roadmap and strategic planning vs the months of time spread out emails, Slack messages and dozens of one hour meetings can drag out.  Let me help you with a few of my workshop packages to bring your team together and make a plan that sticks!

Here are a few examples of workshops that I conduct, or optionally a custom workshop that fits your exact needs. If you're interested in discussing workshops options and what's best for you, setup a free consultation!

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Unlock Your Team's Potential:

3 Steps to making your teams work better together!

Does this describe ​your team?​

  • Your teams are slow or not delivering

  • Processes are different in each team and working between groups is almost impossible?

  • Planning takes longer than actually building the product?? (or at least weeks/months to decide)



Read this free guide to help you through which specific changes are more likely to stick! If you want a free assessment, reach out to me today!

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