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Guiding Scaling Tech Start-Ups to Efficient Growth Through Simple Frameworks and Workshops

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Hi, I'm Rachel


I've worked in tech for 10+ years designing solutions, leading technical projects & programs, designing systems and processes, and helping teams achieve more as they grow. I worked at 3 start-ups as they achieved unicorn status and started their scale-up journeys. Most recently I worked as the Director of Technical Program Management where I created a new TPM team and supported our organization to scale.

What did I learn?

Growing can make it hard to continue to work efficiently and continue to produce amazing features unless you have the right strategies to push past it  - and more meetings aren't helping that situation!

Now, I'm a freelance workshop facilitator and Technical Program Manager helping start-ups in their scale-up journey. I help companies build realistic product roadmaps, assess their tech teams to improve efficiency and operations, and help teams find ways to make decisions faster.

If you're a start-up looking to scale and want to accelerate that path, reach out for a free assessment today!


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